Meet The Team


Ivory Coghlan - Owner

Ivory spent many years in higher education and nonprofit administration before deciding to shift gears and take on Ammonite Ink.  


Randi Madison & Jeff Jacobs

The original dynamic duo behind Ammonite Ink, Randi and Jeff are staying on as advisers and mentors to make this transition the best possible one for our customers. 

About Us

Ammonite Ink was started by the Madison-Jacobs family in Alaska in 2005, and brought to Spokane in 2015. They lovingly handed over to the Coghlan family in 2019.

Ammonite Ink has always strived to work with the artists and dreams of the world, from their punk rock roots, to their ongoing support of OutThere Monthly, Spokane's Native Project, and many local schools, designers, and nonprofits. 


 We hope that you join us in this adventure, as we make the world a better place, one shirt at a time.